Experience Greek gastronomy to one of the best and beautiful places in Leros, the tavern "The Pyrofani". Located at Agia Marina, you will find fresh seafood, fresh fish and good wine. The friendly atmosphere and excellent service will leave the best impression.

At the picturesque fishing village of Panteli, by the sea and amongst the fishing boats ,is situated the family restaurant Pirofani. Years ago, the building was used as a central fishing market and was the main place to produce the ice that the fishermen needed, in order to keep their fish fresh.

In 2008 the family of Stauros Karagiolis transformed the area, turning the old building into a traditional RESTAURANT - TAVERN. that was named Pirofani, with the ambition to promote the flavors of the local Lerian cuisine. The father fishes the fresh sea food with his boat and the rest of the family prepares the dishes that end up on your plate, under the management of the son Stauros. In a traditional as well as a family environment you can taste authentic Greek dishes, sitting either in the terrace or on the sandy beach in the front, enjoying the view of the harbor ahead.

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