The East Crete Property operates in sunny Eastern Crete. In this part of the world with the wonderful climate and your carefree lifestyle you find the home of your dreams.
First office was in the city of Naples, the old capital of Lasithi and the second in the fascinating area of ​​Elounda with its lovely cosmopolitan beaches and the historic island of Spinalonga.
Both Naples and Elounda are areas rich in Crete with historical traditional elements, full of small friendly villages where maintained even prevails welcoming Cretan spirit.
East Crete Property in Elounda offers a wide range of properties, from old houses restored or not, seaside villas, newly built houses and villas, plots, and all this in calm beach or even in crowded places. They are with you every step of your search. From your first visit they can help you buy the property you want surpassing all administrative obstacles which bore you and confuse you. English speaking colleagues, lawyers and architects give you anytime specialized and professional advice on any matter that concerns you.