Our presence in the area of jewellery started in 1960 when Mr. Leonidas Michalopoulos was learning the court of jewellery maker. Since then the relationship with gold has become a way of life and a passion that guides him in all his professional choices.

In 1983 he created his first store in Zakynthos where he started his long and successful career of selling jewellery. With great jeal but also guided by his experience Mr. Michalopoulos has collected jewellery of the finest quality which always remind those who wear them of "Special Moments".

Nowdays "Gold M - Michalopoulos Jewellery" is a family matter, as Leonidas' son George Michalopoulos shares the same passion as his father. This, two generations are working together to aquire classic and modern pieces of jewellery and watches in order to satisfy the most demanding customer.

Leonidas and George Michalopoulos invite you to their store. A visit to "Gold M" will make you see jewellery in a different light.