The history of the Vlachos (Dalas) family with the jewellery starts around 1950 from Athnes, where Ioannis Vlachos (Dalas) starts a watch and jewellery workshop that evolves to a family bussiness.
As time moved on, having with him his two children Stamatis and Nikos, continues the family bussiness, keeping the high standards and quality and opens a second shop in Acharavi, Corfu, in their birthplace.
In Acharavi of Corfu the family tradition continues for a third generation, with Niko's sun, Giannis, with the Dalas Jewellery shop offering a wide variety of established watch brands (FESTINA, STORM, SWATCH etc), GREEK GOLD JEWELLERY, DIAMOND COLLECTION and JEWLLERY in GOLD and SILVER.
In the Acharavi Jewellery shop in Crfu, having studied jewellery design and creation, offers traditional quality.