Voss Furs is one of the biggest and most significant Fur Shopping Centres in Europe (Crete Greece). Experience shopping furs in Crete with the finest selection exhibited in our 1500m2 exhibition halls located in Adelianos Kampos of Rethymnon, where you can find over 30 worldwide known fur brands and more than 2000 fur garments.

Voss is one of the best fur stores in Crete with experience in the fur market for over 20 years, our own participation in production and sales and our cooperation with the best fur factories’ owners make us the leading company in terms of variety, price, quality and style of our products. 
All the fur materials are purchased personally by our fur factories’ partners - owners at the best international auctions: Kopenhagen Fur (Denmark), NAFA (Canada), SAGA Furs (Finland), American Legend (USA), Sojuzpushnina (Russia).

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