Mezzo Mezzo, located on Nikiforou Theotoki street in the heart of Old Town, ranks among the most famous stores in Greece and is the hottest summer shopping destination. I hasn’t stopped reinventing its style and breaking ground with its inspirations since 1989. In Mezzo Mezzo you will encounter the most imaginative storefront, designers' creations, such as the super talented Mary Katrantzou and the sophisticated Alexander Wang, the famous Ancient Greek Sandals, the handmade Callista Crafts bags, as well as an exciting new addition, the avant-garde collection of Comme des Garçons brand. This multi-layered and vibrant store stands out for its cosmopolitan ambience and attracts people from all over the world that can appreciate the unpretentious style. Mezzo Mezzo is made to express the magic of fashion and provide its customers a lovely shopping experience.