The renewed Cabana Mare Beach Club is reinventing the luxury summer moments in Chania and surpasses your holiday expectations with its elegance, tropical environment and exceptional services. This year’s Cabana Mare effortlessly combines the carelessness of the beach with the ease and comfort of its VIP Cabanas, offering you a -free- entrance into a world of luxury. Located exactly where the heart of the summer beats of the island of Crete, it accents your summer days & nights with private Jacuzzis, traditional and exotic culinary choices, plus legendary parties and events. A day lounging under the palm trees, at the beach, at the comfortable couches next to the pool or at your VIP Cabana with your private Jacuzzi, already tenders an ultimate indulgence. Enrich it with all-day cocktails, ethnic breakfasts and brunches, premium spirits and beverages, Cretan Creative & Mediterranean flavors and sushi bites.