Abi Luxury Villas welcomes you to a unique location with a view of Vikos Gorge and the vivid green colors of nature in Epirus. They are located in the small Zagorian area of Monodendri. You are cordially welcomed to an amazing adventure in these remarkable mountains that blends hospitality with philosophy of life. The villas (from one another) in the Monodendri region provide you amazing views of Vikos and a wonderful vacation experience. Each unit has a workstation, a flat-screen TV, a sofa, and a washing machine. Each room has a coffee maker, a separate bathroom, and free WiFi. A few rooms also have a patio and others offer views of the mountains.  Since Abi Luxury Villas is situated in the Zagori region's Mononendri, you may visit taverns and restaurants to sample the regional specialties, including the renowned pies.The mansion is located 26 km from the Monastery of Panagia Spiliotissa and 30 km  from Rogovou Monastery. Ioannina, the closest airport, is located 32 km away from Abi Luxury Villas. The villa can accommodate up to 4-6 guests.