Get ready to "escape" from everyday life in an opulent, five-sense house set in a stunning natural setting. 5 Senses Luxurious Villa Epirus. Renovated in 1863, this stately home in Dikorfo, Zagori, is now an exquisite hotel featuring modern conveniences and the best services, all while maintaining the utmost respect for people and the environment. Live in harmony with the natural world while relishing the unique opportunity to stay in opulent accommodations and engage with the captivating landscape of Epirus.
Once inside the outside entrance's twin wooden doors, a striking two-story canvas of almost endless possibilities becomes visible. An enchanting courtyard with views of a fairy tale, an outdoor wooden Jacuzzi with a backdrop of pristine nature, five fireplaces, two bathrooms, two sitting areas, three bedrooms (two master and one with two single beds), and an outdoor dining area that can seat over six people make this home perfect for parties and elegant private events.
Enjoy pristine nature in all of its beauty and traditional, time-untouched landscapes that transport you through the history of the Epirus region when you stay at 5 Senses Villa in Zagori. The villa can accommodate up to 6 guests.