Alfresco Villas is situated in one of Lefkada's most picturesque areas. From the terrace, you can view the Ionian Sea on your right and the mountains on your left, in addition to the harbor of Sivota with its sailing boats. The view is, in a word, breathtaking. Alfresco Villas is the umbrella term for Villa Nirvana (upper villa) and Villa Tranquility (lower villa). The villas can accommodate big families and parties of up to eight individuals and are almost similar. The accommodation is fully equipped and has a nice pool and a parking lot. You can see the stunning sunrises from the villas, which are situated on the western side of Sivota Bay on a steep slope. If you are looking for a luxury accommodation with stunning view, Alfresco Villas in Lefkada is the perfect choice for you.
Situated north of Kefalonia and south of Corfu, the island lies close to the western coast of Greece. You can reach Lefkada by plane, ferry, bus and car. This is as a result of the pontoon bridge that connects Lefkada to the mainland. Alfresco Villas in Sivota Bay may be reached by car in forty-five minutes from the bridge. Lefkada, an Ionian island with Lefkada Town as its capital, is a stunning vacation spot.