If you enjoy looking at stunning sunsets, then Aelia Villa will exceed your expectations. Featuring large pool (14 m. by 7 m.) which is surrounded by sunbeds and self-catering pool bar, it is a perfect place for family vacation.
Situated in Aegina near Perdika village, this 5 master bedroom villa can accommodate up to 10 guests. It consists of two buildings. One is the main accommodation and the second features kitchen, dining room and fireplace. The main building consists of two levels and features 3 bedrooms with a double bed, including in-room bathroom with a shower, 2 bedrooms with twin beds including in-room bathroom with a bath-tub. You can take advantage of the outdoor dining area, which offers amazing views of the Saronic Gulf. Aelia Villa is surrounded by colourful gardens. You will find here, olive trees, citrus trees and varieties of flowers. Experience the essence of Aelia Villa in Aegina.
The fishing village of Perdika is 5 min drive from Aelia Villa. Stroll through to find a variety of seafood taverns, the freshest on the island. There are also many cafe shops that line the port. From Perdika village you can take a fishing boat across to the islet of Moni.