Situated on the Greek island of Lesvos, Anasa Villa is easily accessible 1,2 km from Molyvos (Mithymna) and 500 m from the closest beach. They are encircled by an exceptionally serene and beautiful setting, where the Aegean Sea meets a majestic mountain range that reflects the lavender hues of the Greek evening. Every villa is a separate lodging unit with a sun patio, sun loungers, parasols, towels, and other amenities. It also features a private swimming pool and children's pool with views of the Aegean Sea and pleasant furniture. There are two luxurious bedrooms in each villa: one has a double bed for the main bedroom and the other has two single beds (cot is free of charge). Every contemporary appliance is included in the completely furnished kitchen. Anasa villa can accommodate up to six guests.
Arguably the most scenic settlement on the island is Molyvos located at the northern tip of Lesvos. It features a lovely harbor with the castle as its dominant feature, as well as layers of red-tiled stone buildings that ascend the hills away from the turquoise sea. The harbor is transformed into one of the most beautiful settings on earth at night, making it ideal for a memorable meal for two. If you are searching for privacy and relaxation, Anasa Villa in Molyvos Lesvos is the perfect choice.