It has never been more enjoyable to return to your place of accommodation after an exciting yet productive day of seeing the Zagori region. The Arkefthos Mountain Hotel's exterior and interior are dominated by wood and stone, in keeping with traditional Zagori architecture. The elegance combined with the austerity required by the ancient way of life will captivate you. Take in the stunning vistas of Epirus' mountains while feeling at one with nature. The earthly colors, the charming classic lines on the furniture and the elegant fireplaces dominate the 10 rooms, predisposing you positively at first sight. Dive into the soft layers and let the whistle of the ravenous wind, outside your window, nanore you. Attractions around the Arkefthos Hotel include the well-known Vradetos stairs, trekking trails through the village, and roads leading to Zagori. For those who are considering a trip to Eprius and want to stay in Zagori, Arkefthos Mountain Hotel is the right place to be.