The Aberratio Boutique Hotel was built to blend in with the rich local culture, the abundance of nature that surrounds it from the summits of the Pindos mountains, and the neighboring Blue River Voidomatis. It is located in the charming town of Aristi, which is a part of the attractive village complex of Zagorochoria. The hotel is constructed in the classic Epirus architectural style. Three comparable buildings on a five-acre site are constructed mostly of wood and natural stone. The buildings provide twelve rooms, a lounge, a café-restaurant, and a multifunctional hall, in addition to a space for visitors to relax and tend to their personal needs.
Like many of the place names in the area, "Zagori" is a mountain term with Slavic origins. Three geographical divisions exist within the region: West, East, and Central Zagori. The Decree of Zagori certifies the majority of villages as traditional communities. Start your adventure from Aberratio Boutique Hotel and explore Zagorohoria, set within the impressive Vikos Gorge, northeast of Ioannina, between Mitsikeli and Tymfi (or Gamila). Aristi, where Aberratio Boutique Hotel is based in, is one of the prettiest villages of the cluster and is located about 48 km away from Ioannina, on the way to Papigo. Book Now! and compare rates offered by various online booking services.