When it comes to getting away from it all and enjoying nature to the fullest while having a genuine experience in luxury, Agistri's Aktaion Beach Boutique Hotel is the place to go. Situated amid acres of pine trees and on the sandy beach of Skala, this Agistri hotel, is a haven of real local experience and first-rate service, all combined with simple architecture. The rooms are neat and comfortable providing all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

Explore the Aktaion Beach Boutique Hotel's all-day restaurant, which is only 350 meters from the Dionysos Hotel and has something exceptional to offer at any hour of the day.  Imagine the soft sea air that will envelop you during the day as you have breakfast or lunch at our restaurant near the beach. Later, the breathtaking views of the nearby island of Aegina will offer a unique setting where sunset cocktails become lifelong memories. Savor a range of sweet and salty dishes from Greek and International cuisine at the breakfast buffet. Spend some time indulging yourself and unwinding in the hotel's spa.

To reach Agistri is easy, as there are two natural ports where ships can approach. The ports of Megalochori, where the flying dolphins enter, and Skala, where ferry vessels come from Piraeus. Boats from Aegina arrive here daily. There are many of tourist shops, cafés, bars, and charming taverns in Skala and Megalochori. Exit the building and enjoy the charms of the lively area and the waterfront promenade across the harbor. Aktaion Beach Boutique Hotel is an excellent choice to relax on the beautifil island of Agistri.