The Apollon Resort Hotel is located in the area where Ancient Samos was established. in the southeast of the island, near the lake Glyfada, 1200 meters west of Pythagorion. This Samos hotel offers the combination of comfort with quality and simplicity at a great value price, to ensure a pleasant stay. The hotel's overall design unites its rooms with similar shapes and lines to maximize guest convenience. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, flat TV, sofa, free wi-fi and private bathroom with bathtub. They overlook either Aegean sea or Spiliani Hill. Situated at the heart of the ground floor, the reception area divides the living room, TV room, and bar areas from the area where the buffet breakfast is provided. Apollon also provides access to the three-story hotel section where the rooms are situated via the stairs or the elevator. Gardens and terraces complement the swimming pool in a pleasing way. There's a tennis court downstairs. Free Parking is also available and wifi access is covered throughout the property.

Step out from Apollo hotel and walk throught the main street that reaches the port of Pythagorion where you'll meet a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafe bars. The first picturesque harbor constructed in the Mediterranean is home to the iconic Pythagorian monument. From here, a variety of vessels, including luxury yachts, dock to take passengers to the nearby islands of Agathonissi, Patmos, and Samiopoula. Numerous excursions depart from the port of Pythagorion. Some of the destinations are the Turkish city of Ephesus and the stunning Samoan coast, which includes the beaches of Tsopela, Kako Rema, Kiriakou, and Asproskavos. Book Apollon Resort Hotel, as it is one of the best accommodations in Pythagorion and explore all that Samos has to offer.