With a pleasant wind blowing through the air, a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea, and sunsets of all different hues, the Alexandra Beach Spa Hotel is a fantastic destination for family vacations. On the stunning island of Thassos, the Alexandra Beach hotel lies close to the municipality of Potos. An incredibly valuable Aegean island with a rich past entices you with its delicacies as it leads you on a tour along its delicate shoreline and up the mountain to its charming towns. Elegant interior decor and well-designed rooms make visitors feel at home, allowing them to unwind and rest in magnificent rooms that have been thoughtfully created with comfort and convenience in mind.
Everything, including the outdoor spaces and the tastefully furnished apartments, has been thoughtfully designed to appeal to visitors of all ages and interests. The Alexandra Beach Spa hotel in Thassos welcomes visitors to a realm of leisure and well-being. Swimmers may cool off in the sea, the hotel's main kid-friendly pool, or the resort's more sedate pool. They can also unwind in the outdoor jacuzzi while taking in the breathtaking view of the glittering Aegean Sea.

Among the Greek islands, Thassos is a popular family vacation spot with a long history. It is ready to take you on a journey to its scenic churches and monasteries, breathtaking beaches, mountainous green landscapes dotted with traditional villages, and archeological sites and attractions worth discovering. Encircled by the genuine Greek landscape, the Alexandra Beach Hotel in Thassos welcomes visitors to see the straightforward way of life there and delight all senses with the aromas and tastes of local specialties. To gain a comprehensive overview of Thassos, explore its steep forest paths, pay a visit to its most well-known landmarks and attractions, and prepare yourself for mind-blowing adventures. Stop at Alexandra Beach Spa Hotel in Potos to discover the wonders of Thassos.