The Alianthos Garden Hotel is located in the peaceful and beautiful Plakias, southwest of Crete, in front of the immense and mystical Libyan Sea. The prefecture of Rethymnon is home to this scenic area that is ideal for vacations. But the Alianthos Garden Hotel is one of the most exquisite options for accommodation in Crete for more reasons than only its prime position in the center of Plakias. What matters most is the Cretan people's friendliness, hospitality, and open hearts.

Select the Alianthos Garden Hotel in Plakias for a comfortable and tasteful place to stay, and lose yourself in a welcoming environment for an unforgettable trip to Crete. On the carefully chosen COCO-MAT luxury bed mattresses, take advantage of considerate services, recharge, and enjoy a good night's sleep. Use the room's 43-inch Satellite smart TV to browse the internet or just unwind with a movie. Enjoy the private balcony with beautiful surroundings and some with sea view. Amalthea Restaurant is a superb option for your most unforgettable culinary adventure in Crete. It has also been certified by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels as a "Greek Breakfast." Refresh yourself with a drink at the bar, unwind, and enjoy the swimming pool.

Discover the village of Plakias while staying at Alianthos Garden Hotel, a well known holiday destination in Crete. Take a stroll in the late afternoon, with restaurants and shops on one side and the sea on the other. Locate any amenity within easy reach, and snap pictures of everything that might fit into your memory book.