The 3-star Aretanassa Hotel places guests 10 minutes' walk from Halki Island's centre. The Aretanassa Hotel consists of 19 rooms where guests can enjoy a minibar, a refrigerator, a personal computer, a sofa, and a music system. The rooms have a view of the sea. Other comforts include a dishwasher and an ice machine for self-catering. Aretanassa Hotel located in Halki is housed in a historic building used for the storage and production of sponges. There is a restaurant in the facility.
There are not many things to do in Halki, but you may step out of the Aretanassa hotel and begin hiking through paths across the island that lead to churches, small villages, and hilltops with breathtaking views of the sea. Discover secluded beaches to swim and enjoy the sun and nature. Book the Aretanassa Hotel, as it is one of the finest accommodations in Halki and ideal for your summer vacation. You may take the ferry from Rhodes to reach this beautiful Greek island.