Recently renovated, Apollo Resort Art Hotel is conveniently near the archaeological sites, the beach, and a beautiful and tranquil natural environment of Kyparissia. It is the first hotel to feature an escape room inspired by the area's history and unique characteristics. Close to the remains of the ancient temple of the Greek god Apollo, surrounded by the olive trees’ silver-green leaves, and with access to one of the most beautiful beaches of Kyparissia, this hotel provides you with plenty of opportunity for relaxation and refreshment. The rooms of Apollo Resort Art Hotel are comfortable and come with air conditioning, bathroom with amenities, TV with satellite channels, fridge, safe box, Wifi and a private balcony. There is a swimming pool with jacuzzi for your fun and a bar for your relaxing moments. For children, a playground and a small pool is provided. Breakfast and local dishes are served in the restaurant.
Apollo Resort Art Hotel in Kyparissia is located on the Peloponnese's southwest coast, near the base of Mount Egaleo. With a long coastline, Kyparissia is home to several tourist, agricultural, and business hubs. Built on a vast grid system that slopes gradually down to the Ionian Sea, the Ancient or Upper Town is a preserved village 150 meters above the current Town. The Upper Town is primarily dominated by the remains of a Venetian castle that dates back to ancient times. There are countless sandy beaches and stunning natural surroundings all around the town of Kyparissia. It has all the conveniences of a contemporary town and is continuously expanding and altering. Book a room at the Apollo Resort Art Hotel ,as it is considered one of the finest hotels in Kyparissia.