Hotel Alexiou is located on the main street of Kalambaka city in Greece, which is dominated by Meteora Rocks. The hotel, combining modern comforts with classic architecture, offers guests a unique experience of accommodation in Kalambaka. The Hotel Alexiou is a 3-star hotel and offers double and triple rooms. While the Alexiou building has traditional architecture, the rooms are furnished with contemporary amenities.  Every room has an in-room refrigerator and air conditioning.  Additionally, each room at Hotel Alexiou has a private balcony.  There are several rooms with expansive views of the Meteora rocks.
The Meteora Monasteries are less than 4 kilometers away from the Alexiou Hotel. Visitors can take pleasure in day visits to some of the area's neighboring attractions, such as Plastira Lake, Elati, and Pertouli.  This idyllic hotel in Kalambaka provides the perfect base for exploring all the wonders of Meteora. Book Alexiou Hotel Now! and compare prices offered by various online booking services