Since 1923, the Akrotainaritis Hotel has operated as a restaurant as well, perfectly blending in with the nearby historic surroundings of Gerolimenas and Mani. It has been freshly restored, and the rental rooms provide every guest the same level of comfort and simplicity. The rooms provide a bathroom with amenities, fridge, air-conditioning, TV, Wifi and a private balcony. Akrotainaritis Hotel offers breakfast daily at the restaurant and enjoy your refreshing beverages at the bar. Parking is available for your private or rental car. Among the most exquisite and classic beach towns in Laconia is Gerolimenas where Akrotainaritis Hotel is situated. It is found in the Eastern side of Cavo Grosso. A significant fishing port in the past, Gerolimenas had a number of ice dumping sites, catch handling stores, and harbor approach sponge diving boats. Currently, the village's two dominant eastern Mani towers from the Middle Ages have been restored and transformed into large chain hotels. Choose the Akrotainaritis Hotel in Gerolimenas for a memorable tour experience in the Peloponnese.