Nestled between towering cypress trees and orange orchards on a verdant hillside, the Almyra Hotel offers a breathtaking vista of the Ionian Sea. Situated within a short distance from Fiscardo's charming waterfront, this hotel in Kefalonia is the perfect choice for individuals looking for authentic hospitality, individualized attention, and upscale amenities.
Almyra hotel greets you in an environment of ideal lodging that skillfully blends cordial and flawless service with 27 rooms—eight of which are deluxe—and the proprietors' ongoing personal attention. All room arrangements come with complimentary rich buffet breakfast served at the restaurant. There are things to do in the hotel as to spend an evening in a nice atmosphere of the bar. You can even take a walk and explore the area of Fiscardo near the hotel — Foki Beach and Port of Argostoli, and taste the local cuisine dining at a lovely restaurant. 

The distinctive feature of Fiscardo is that it is the only village in Kefalonia with a large number of the original Venetian structures still standing and in active use. Taking a trip around the harbor offers you an opportunity to see some of the most opulent yachts. Numerous charming cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and boutiques flank the harbor. One of the greatest places to hire a boat in Kefalonia is Fiscardo. Numerous bays and coves that are inaccessible by land allow one to locate an empty beach and unwind in seclusion, away from the crowd. Set off a Fiscardo trek via trails to explore Kefalonia's true nature. With the best position for exploring, the Almyra Hotel in Fiscardo is the ideal choice for your Kefalonia trip.