The Asteroa hotel is discernible for its friendliness and hospitality—required factors for a Greek hotel—and it's located at the centre of Ancient Epidavros. In the breakfast room, you start your day by enjoying perfect service and uniquely fresh seasonal fruit. Usually the guests at the Asteroa hotel come every year to Ancient Epivdavros, not only for one summer.
The rooms are comfortable and have air-conditioning, mini-kitchen, fridge, TV and telephone. You may begin your day in the Breakfast Room with impeccable service and specially selected seasonal produce. Wifi access is covered throughout the property and a parking space is free for your convenience.
Ancient Epidavros and the Asteroa hotel are situated between the turquoise Saronic Sea and the lush mountains of eastern Peloponnese, which form a natural port. The primary agricultural products of the region are orange and olive trees, which may be found in plenty in the vicinity of the city. Visitors may take in the view from the traditional wooden fishing boats that coexist alongside sailing boats in the little harbor of Epidavros. A few of the amenities that Epidavros offers include trips to nearby locations including Mycenae, Nafplio, Hydra, and the ancient temple of Olympia, as well as traditional taverns and restaurants, nightlife, and water sports. Discover the secrets of Epidavros by staying at the Asteroa Hotel for memorable trip in Greece.