With a breathtaking view of the surrounding islands and the archipelago, the Cavos Bay Hotel in Ikaria is ideally situated on the edge of one of Armenistis Bay's most picturesque sea-beaten rocky cliffs. The Ikarian hotel blends in well with the surrounding scenery. Bright and spacious the rooms and studios are equipped with contemporary bathrooms, pleasant furniture, and sizable balconies or terraces with stunning views of the garden or the Ikaria sea. The two pools of Cavos Bay provide countless opportunities for leisure, and the bar is the ideal spot to enjoy cool beverages while you take in the breathtaking sunset. The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels has recognized the buffet-style breakfast as authentically serving a Greek morning meal.

Escape Cavos Bay hotel and discover the most beautiful beaches in Ikaria. Nas Beach, renowned for its breathtaking sunset views, is located near Armenistis in the Kato Raches area. Immediately along the beach, you may explore the remnants of an old temple to Tavropolos Artemis after taking a refreshing dip in Nas. Here, you can experience the scene's enigmatic aura. The ideal location to photograph Ikaria's sunsets is at Nas Beach. The beach in Seychelles is another. With its azure seas similar to those seen in exotic lagoons and its towering carved rocks and cliffs around it, this unorganized beach is the most exotic on the island. Combine the tranquil and the intense way of life the relexation and the amusement! Find out the secret of longevity in Ikaria! You are invited to stay at Cavos Bay Hotel for a memorable vacation.