Situated in Agia Marina, 9 kilometers west of Chania, the Atrion Resort Hotel is a multipurpose lodging complex situated in a fully developed coastal village with 1450 residents.
Your vacation will be elevated to a new level by the knowledgeable personnel, who uphold the principles of genuine Cretan hospitality and guarantee an amazing and singular experience.
For your holiday, whether you're traveling alone or with your family, pick Atrion Resort Hotel. Take pleasure in swimming in the pristine waters of Chania's award-winning beaches, or just relax by the pool beneath the palm trees with a cocktail in hand and forget about all your daily stresses and anxieties.
There are 52 rooms in this category, all completely remodeled and furnished to meet your demands and the wants of your loved ones. The rooms are furnished with the newest technology and provide excellent comfort, elegance, and service—all things one would anticipate from a resort of this kind. It is fourteen kilometers to Chania Airport. For an extra fee, arrangements can be made for transfers to and from the airport. Chania is about 5 km away, and a frequent bus service connects Agia Marina to other beach towns around the Atrion Hotel.