The apartments Antilia are situated on the northwest side of the beach road in the multicultural municipality of Platanias. Situated on a hill with a view of the Tavronitis River and the little town below, the apartments are situated in the traditional and historic village of Tavronitis. Every tourist is amazed by Antilia's distinctive architecture and vast gardens, but what really captures their attention are the spectacular views of the Aegean Sea's brilliant blue, which stretches from the Spatha Peninsula to Thodorou Island and Akrotiri. The Antilia flats are a tiny complex of twenty fine flats divided into three compact sections. Situated just 250 meters from the main road, the flats are encircled by jasmine and bunganvilleas, with the striking White Mountains in the backdrop and the deep blue Aegean Sea in front.

The apartments are nicely furnished kitchenettes with cherry wood cabinets, a built-in cooker with oven and grill, a small refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, electric kettle, kitchen utensils, dining area with table and chairs, and a separate bathroom with shower are all included. There is swimming pool with a bar for your relaxin moments. Tavronitis where Antilia Apartments are situated is18 km west of Chania. It is a quiet village with a beautiful sandy beach and filled with tavernas, shops, and traditional cafés.  In addition to the regularly scheduled public buses and taxis from Chania, you may also get to Tavronitis in a private or hired vehicle or by motorcycle.