Between Pyrgos village and Fira town on the island of Santorini, there is a complex of recently constructed traditional homes called Ampelos Executive Houses. Walking along the vineyards, you may get a sense of how the people live. Every site of interest, including the harbor and airport, is close by. You will be treated well here as you deserve it. The colors of the sunrise are breathtaking from the second private balcony! You'll feel right at home in the fully furnished kitchen and the laid-back sitting area with the SAT TV and fast WiFi. When you arrive in Pyrgos, you'll feel local with a mix of restaurants and traditional shops. The finest option if you're seeking for accommodation in Santorini is Ampelos Executive Houses in Pyrgos. These stunning, recently constructed, peaceful homes provide breathtaking views of nearby villages and the azure Aegean Sea! The Fira town center is 5 minutes away by car, while the airport in Santorini is 2 kilometers away from Ampelos.