The Olympia Archaeological Museum is 10 minutes' walk from the Anesi Rooms complex, which is situated in Olympia's center, near museums and archaeological sites. Every Anesi room is air-conditioned and has a balcony with views of the city or garden, as well as a TV. Free amenities and a shower are provided in the private bathrooms. There's a common kitchenette for each visitor.
During your stay at Anesi Rooms, there are many things to do in Ancient Olympia. The most well-known site of the ancient Olympic Games is Olympia, which is situated on the western edge of the Peloponnese. There are still old temples, an archeological museum, and a stadium to visit at these archaeological sites. Take a relaxing rest at the Olympia Gi after exploring the historic Olympian remains during the day. Five minutes from the archeological sites is a family-run winery. Arriving in Olympia may look like a history tour at first, but the breathtaking scenery will capture your attention. Perfect for a day trip, the Olympia port is the epitome of complete leisure. The region's culinary delights, scenic views, and ancient monuments are all available to guests staying at Anesi Rooms.