On the Greek island of Santorini, caves known as the Caldera were found on the cliffside near Oia. Archaeologists have now recognised these caves as ancient dwellings. Aris Caves, a compact and cosy resort with seven separate holiday rentals, was created by converting several of these cave homes. Situated near all the attractions, Aris Caves is only a 5-minute walk from Oia town centre. There are eight completely furnished, independent, self-catering rooms (four studios, three flats, and one suite) distributed across three stories at Aris Caves in Santorini. Each accommodation has all the amenities guests might possibly need for a memorable visit.

Ideal for a romantic getaway, Aris Caves is regarded as one of Santorini's most luxurious hotels in Greece. Escape the caves and head into Oia for sightseeing. Numerous painters have drawn inspiration from its sunsets, and its alleyways entice you to lose yourself in its well-kept secrets like a magnet. It's just enticing and is around a 20-minute drive from Fira. It will fascinate you. It is divided into two areas by the main street: the area with the magnificent captain mansions and the area overlooking the caldera with its cave structures. The domes appearing up on every corner shouldn't surprise you because Oia is home to more than sixty churches. At its edge sits the Castle, portions of which have been conserved and provide stunning views and an enthralling historical tour. Experience the beauty of Santorini by staying at the Aris Caves in Oia for an amazing vacation.