The Erato Apartments are located in Lindos, one of the most important archaeological areas in Greece and designated a World Heritage site, on the beautiful island of Rhodes. The island is known worldwide for its natural beauty and its rich architectural wealth.
The apartments are inside a renovated traditional town house built in 1915. This typical Lindian house is situated among the little narrow streets called ‘’Kalderimia’’, right into the heart of the village, close to the path leading to St. Paul’s Bay with its stunning views and the ancient Amphitheatre.
The interior of Erato has most of the characteristic features of the Lindian house: the large internal courtyard with the vine roof, the elongated living-room and the sofa bed called ‘’panga’’.
From the roof balcony you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Acropolis of the Athena of Lindos and the sea which is only 150 m. away.

Erato Apartments can accommodate a total of 15 people in several apartments and studios:
 two 4 bed apartments
 one 3 bed studio
 one double bed studio
 one double bed apartment

 *All the apartments and studios offer kitchen facilities and their own private bathroom. *Air-conditioning is available upon request.

 *Free Wi-Fi available for all our guests