Belvedere are charming suites-apartments that look out over the medieval town of Batsi and have a great sea view. They are elegantly decorated with unique paintings by Stella Kontontsita, a local painter, and traditional artifacts. The accommodation offers four luxurious apartments with genuine Andrian hospitality for you to select from. Wooden floors in the bedrooms offer coziness and authenticity, while coco-mat mattresses ensure restful, deep sleep. Bathrooms are uniquely built with printed glass walls that complement the apartment's décor well. The kitchen is completely furnished and has a huge oak wood table that can seat people to dine.
As soon as you arrive, the Belvedere reception will make all the arrangements for your personalized sightseeing and excursions and where to go to the top places in the Batsi area where you are staying. Make the most out of your vacation to Andros, and Belvedere Apartments is the ideal option if you're searching for a distinctive place to stay.