The brand-new, romantic Alafropetra Luxury Suites are located in the centre of Akrotiri Village, directly across from the Venetian Castle, in the southernmost part of Santorini's Caldera. This brand-new Santorini hotel includes Cycladic architecture in their suite design. It is possible to enjoy luxury, leisure, and relaxation in a contemporary manner without abandoning tradition, nevertheless. Visitors may gaze at the breathtaking views of Santorini for 250 metres from the balconies. A couple, or a family of four with friends, who wish to have a unique Santorini vacation experience can stay in the suite. The Alafropetra Suites include a living area with two conventional built-in couch beds, a separate bedroom with a double bed, air conditioning, a fridge, and a kitchenette. There is also a TV in each main room. Additionally, two opulent bathrooms—one on each floor—are provided in accordance with tradition. Lay back in the jacuzzi for relaxation. Wifi access is covered throughout the property and parking is available for your private or rental car.

Discover incredible activities from Alafropetra Luxury Suites that include not just in Akrotiri but the entire picturesque island of Santorini. Travel by boat to the Red and White beaches, make a stop at the Volcano, and enter the Caldera. There are twenty-five carefully marked hiking paths on Santorini Island. A singular, stunning view of Santorini's countryside and caldera unites all of them, some of them sufficiently lengthy, others of them shorter! A Santorini wine tasting journey is unlike any other. Because of the island's volcanic soil and Mediterranean environment, the wines made there are quite different from anything you may have experienced elsewhere. So, make the reservation to the brand new Alafropetra Luxury Suites in Akrotiri and prepare for a unique experience in Santorini!!!