The Sculpture Museum of Nikos Perantinos works in Marpissa village. It was recently established to honor this great local artist who honoured Greece and his island. The museum includes works of sculpture and engraving and some drawings. Most of these works are made of marble and bronze. Nikos Perantinos (1910-1991) is of the most important Greek sculptors of the 1930s. His parents were from Cyclades, his father from Paros and his mother from Syros. For his works, that reveal motion and plasticity, he was given the Sculpture Award of Athens Academy in March 1991. Thinking that Paros has the finnest marble and that this tradition must go on, Nikos Perantinos created a workshop in Parikia to teach his locals the art of sculpture. Before his death, he donated all his works to Paros, his beloved island. Every summer, this sculpture museum organizes sculpture courses in Paros and Mykonos to honor the work of Nikos Perantinos.