Mount Psiloritis – or Mt Ida is the highest mountain on Crete (5 peaks, the highest is Timios Stavros 8057 ft-2456m). In ancient times its slopes were covered with forests that gradually disappeared due to soil erosion and earthquakes. Entrances to ancient caves of Ideon Andron, Kamares cave, Sfedoni and Melidoni caves are located on the slopes of Mount Ida. Mt Ida used to be a holy mountain in Minoan Crete and many myths were strongly attached to it. In Christian years there was a stone-made church built on top of Psiloritis, the church of the Holy Cross. On September 14th, the day of the Holy Cross, there is a celebration on the summit of Timios Stavros (Ida). On the previous day people from all over Crete walk all the way to the top together with a priest and spend the night there. Next morning (September 14th) they join the ceremony inside the little church. The main part of the mountain is a rocky place with no trees at all and there are no plants above 2000m. There is no water either. As a result, trekking on Ida in summer time is an exhausting experience due to the high temperatures and the lack of any shadow and water.